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Did you know, as a Zebra partner, you can use the Zebra OneCare support services portfolio to enhance your value to your customers and help them to be more successful in achieving their objectives? To help you grow your revenue and better protect your customers' technology investment, Zebra is removing the 30 day purchasing restriction for the follow Zebra OneCare SKUs for a limited period (July-December 2020):

  • Zebra OneCare Essential: Z1AE-XXXXXX-3XXX
  • Zebra OneCare Select: Z1AS-XXXXXX-3XXX

Furthermore, now is the best time for your customers to invest in the health of their Zebra devices. With Zebra OneCare, they will have the reassurance that all O/S updates and security patches are authorised and support and repairs are completed by fully trained Zebra engineers. Zebra OneCare is designed to minimise disruption to their business with defined target turnaround times for device repair and remote device diagnostics and expert live-agent for the smaller jobs.

Need more convincing? See below for some of the benefits that Zebra OneCare provides for you and your customers:


Benefits for Partners

  • Customer retention: contact with your customers, understanding their business processes and becoming a trusted advisor
  • Portfolio expansion: using Zebra services to expand your service platform
  • Profitability: annual renewals drive annual service revenue
  • Free growth: additional revenue growth without investing in new staff or infrastructure
  • Perfomance rebate: your services revenue counts towards your performance rebate

See the Partner flyer below for full details about the promotion and more about how OneCare benefits Partners. Complete the form below to contact Sektor for more information about OneCare products and how your customers can get their products purchased between Jan 2019 and June 2020 on the program.

See OneCare Brochure for Partners

Benefits for Customers

  • Zebra OneCare Essential:
    • Comprehensive coverage — if it’s broken, we fix it
    • Covers accidental damage, plus normal wear and tear
    • 8x5 local time live-agent support
    • 3-day repair turnaround time
    • Access to restricted software
    • Device Diagnostics for mobile computers
    • VisibilityIQTM OneCare® cloud-based view for mobile computers and scanners provides visibility to repair, case management and LifeGuardTM analytics reports
  • Zebra OneCare Select:
    • Building on top of Essential support, Zebra OneCare Select provides additional capabilities, including:
    • 24x7 live-agent technical support
    • Advance device replacement - Same day shipment of replacement device
    • Spares pool management
    • Device Commissioning

See OneCare Brochure for End Users





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