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The platinum rule


Since time immemorial, precious metals have been used as indicators of value, success and victory. From jewellery to record sales, a relatively recent development on this theme is the idea that platinum represents an even more desirable prize than gold. So it follows that a principle known as the ‘platinum rule’ is something you may consider worthy of implementing.



Joint effort


We’ve already talked about the power of peripherals, and how the lead players of a technology ecosystem are nothing without a first-rate supporting cast. Regardless of whether the vertical is POS, healthcare, hospitality or industrial, the greatest gains in workflow efficiency are attained through the ingenious integration of peripherals and other key hardware features.



Honour thy customers


Have you noticed anything special about those individuals who have chosen to give you their time and attention by visiting your business environment in the real world? They care enough, or are curious enough, about what you offer, to bless you with a moment of their consciousness. Your customers aren’t just walking transactions -- while it’s true that their purchase decisions drive your livelihood, they have so much more to offer than simply being your meal ticket.



Thinking Made Visible


A new era is dawning on the retail landscape with the launch of our flagship POS terminal, the EV770w. Designed from the ground up by Element, this unit is set to revolutionise the transactional power of your business. It is the culmination of our combined experience, collaboration with our partners, and our understanding of the complex and interconnecting factors that influence the industry.



The Power of Peripherals


Just as the stars of a film will inevitably draw our focus, it’s inevitable that the big-ticket technology items such as POS devices and Medical terminals will be the centre of our most immediate attention. But this should not be at the cost of forgetting the importance of peripherals -- they are crucial interaction points within your technology ecosystem.