Our commitment under the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation

Sektor Australia has been a signatory to the Australian Packing Covenant Organisation (APCO) since 2018. We are committed to the Covenant's objectives and targets and continue to strive toward minimising the environmental impact of packaging. We are working towards prioritising sustainability at all levels of engaging with our suppliers and partners to develop processes and organisational structures that enable sustainable business outcomes.

We are committed to championing and embodying the product stewardship of the organisation and share responsibility approaches that focus on the seven principles below:

  1. The Covenant provides public benefit by reducing the environmental impacts of packaging.
  2. Participation in the Covenant delivers benefit across all relevant industries and all types of packaging, including business-to-business packaging.
  3. Decisions and actions are evidence-based and draw on the best available expertise and knowledge of leading practice in Australia and overseas.
  4. As a national-level industry-drive arrangement, the focus of the Covenant is on strategies that deliver national-level outcomes that the industry is better able than governments to deliver.
  5. Actions taken under the Convenant have measurable outcomes and targets and align with the strategic goals.
  6. Information on the work and outcomes of the Covenant, including performance against targets, are reported publicly and has applicability across Australia.
  7. The governance of the Covenant is apolitical and includes independent representation.

To find our more, please visit https://apco.org.au/the-australian-packaging-covenant.