Live and On-Demand Virtual Update Sessions

Check this page regularly for the latest upcoming and recent vendor webinars, including links to past webinars with on-demand viewing links. 

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Upcoming Webinars

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
25 April

26 April

27 April

Armis: Cyber-Warfare: Is Your Critical OT Infrastructure Ready?, On Demand

28 April

29 April

Zebra: The Interworking Gateway (IWG): A WFC Training Webinar, On Demand

30 May

31 May

Zebra: ET4X-Series Webinar (External), 4pm AEST

1 June

2 June

3 June

6 June

7 June

Zebra: TC15 Webinar (External), 4pm AEST

8 June

9 June

10 June



Recent Webinars

Some of our vendors provide on-demand viewing of webinars or resources download. Please contact your Sektor representative or email to enquire about specific sessions of your interest.

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
16 May

17 May

18 May

Honeywell: Honeywell PSS APACI Voice Enablement Webinar, 1pm AEST

19 May

20 May

9 May

10 May

11 May

Honeywell: PSS APACI Printer Solutions Webinar, 1pm AEST

12 May

13 May

2 May

3 May

4 May

5 May

6 May

Yubico: Best practices to secure hybrid and remote workers with phishing-resistant MFA, On Demand

18 April

19 April

20 April

Honeywell: Productivity Solutions and Services APAC Marketing Connect, 1pm AEST

Yubico: White House Declaration: Act now for protection from cybersecurity attacks, On Demand

21 April

Zebra: Navigating Android's Scoped Storage Restrictions Using Zebra Secure Storage Manager, On Demand

22 April

Extreme Networks: The Future is Here – Wi-Fi 6E, On Demand

11 April

12 April

Zebra: TC53/58 Launch Webinar, 1pm AEST

13 April

14 April

15 April

Extreme Networks: Deployment and Design Optimization, On Demand

28 March

29 March

30 March

31 March

Extreme Networks: Connecting, Securing, & Simplifying the Hospital’s Intelligent Network Edge, On Demand

1 April

21 March

22 March

23 March

24 March

Honeywell: Productivity Solutions and Services Launch, 1pm AEST

Zebra: Zebra RFD90 Ultra-Rugged UHF RFID Sled Pre-Launch, 2pm AEST

25 March

14 March

15 March

16 March

Zebra: WS50 Launch Webinar (English), 2pm AEST

17 March

18 March

7 March

8 March

Zebra: L10ax Launch Webinar (English), 2pm AEST

9 March

10 March

11 March

28 February

1 March

2 March

Zebra: New Print Engines Launch Webinar | ZE511 and ZE521, 2pm AEST

3 March

Extreme Networks: Extreme Live Demo, On Demand

4 March

Yubico: Securing America's Supply Chain, On Demand

21 February

22 February

23 February

Extreme Networks: Global Quarterly Partner Programs Update, On Demand

Yubico: MFA with WebAuthn: Implementation Updates and the Road Ahead, On Demand

24 February

Yubico: Securing privileged users and accounts with phishing-resistant MFA, On Demand

25 February

Yubico: Achieving Zero Trust with Phishing-Resistant MFA, On Demand

14 January

15 February

Extreme Networks: An Educational Guide for Enterprise SD-WAN in 2022 and Beyond, On Demand

16 February

17 February

18 February

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
31 January

1 February

2 February

Extreme Networks: Extreme Networks Partner Town Hall Meeting, On Demand

3 February

4 February

Extreme Networks: Extreme Partner 101 Webinar, 5am AEST

24 January

25 January

Extreme Networks: Special Supply Chain Webinar, 12pm AEST

26 January

27 January

28 January

17 January

18 January

19 January

Zebra: New Print Engines Launch Webinar: ZE511 and ZE521, 2pm AEST

20 January

21 January