Don't Compromise on Efficiency

In a retail, hospitality, transport and logistics and healthcare, you always need a companion scanner to hand. It might be a hands-free for checkout, a handheld for ticket processing or deliveries, you might need corded or the flexibility of cordless.

Until now, these different requirements have meant deploying different models - but Zebra understands how much easier life would be if you could use a single scanner for multiple roles. So they’ve designed the Zebra CS60 - the first truly versatile companion scanner. With a simple switch of accessories, the CS60 quickly converts from corded to cordless, handheld to hands-free.



The CS60 easily converts between corded and cordless, handheld and hands-free, operation. Simply swap the battery and corded USB converter and the CS60 is ready for a new workflow.

Additionally, the CS60 also come in a CS60-HC variant that features a purpose-built housing that helps offer maximum protection against the spread of bacteria, including a crevice-free surface that helps eliminate places where germs can hide.

As a cordless companion scanner paired to a cradle or mobile device, the CS60 is small enough to tuck in a pocket and offers the latest mobile technology. As a corded scanner, the CS60 offers compact handheld or hands-free scanning at the checkout counter, self-service kiosk and more.

Alongside its pretty nifty versatility, it’s packed with features that make it robust, tough and very practical:

  • Pocket it, wear it - the CS60 is small and lightweight
  • 18-hour, hot swap battery - the CS60 will see out multiple shifts
  • Charges on a QI inductive charging pad - no battery contact cleaning and maintenance
  • Not sure where you left it? Push the pager button on the cradle and the CS60 beeps
  • Water, dust, drops - no problem, with IP65 sealing and 1.5m drop spec
  • Single shell - a crevice free design for easy cleaning
  • Toggle - you multitask, now so does your scanner, with toggling between applications
  • Stop the infection spread - healthcare model (CS60-HC) with antimicrobial plastic

A single device makes managing your fleet easier and more cost-effective, and staff training faster for greater productivity. And coming from Zebra, you know that the quality will be second to none.

Talk to the experts from Sektor or register your interest below about how the CS60 can work as flexibly as you do. CS60 from Zebra - your versatile companion.





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