How to Track Retail Occupancy for Social Distancing

As many commercial spaces begin to reopen, the need to find effective and practical ways to maintain social distancing inside retail outlets and other capacity-limited spaces is growing. Occupancy counting and people counting has always offered retail locations valuable data about foot traffic and consumer behavior.

Now, the technology has become a vital tool to help businesses prevent overcrowding and comply with COVID-19 regulations with customer-facing displays alerting people of occupancy limits and when the space has reached capacity, saving employee time and easing customer concerns.

The Brickstream 3D Gen 2 with Wi-Fi and BLE features industry leading intelligent counting, increased coverage, integrated mounting and backward compatibility to help analytics service providers deploy value added people counting and tracking solutions. With the addition of the Employee Filtering feature, personnel movements are counted separately, providing more accurate counts. The Brickstream 3D Gen 2 provides a true picture of customer traffic.




Key Features


  • Stereo height measurement distinguishes between adults, children and other objects e.g. shopping carts
  • Filter zones, pass lines, exclusion lines and shopper group identification enable elimination of specific traffic and greatly reduce false counts
  • Employee filtering improves data accuracy counting staff movements separately in/out/across location
  • Stereo processing engine provides reliable performance in low light, low contrast, and very bright scenes


  • 21% wider field of view than the original Brickstream 3D
  • Integrated surface mount means no external mount required
  • Hidden wiring out back of device for a clean appearance (external side wiring also possible)
  • Wide mounting height range of 2.2 – 14m with only two lens options


  • Remote device configuration and management via standard web browser
  • Brickstream Device Manager offers remote management and task automation across large groups of sensors and multiple sites
  • Brickstream Validator tools provide remote validation of device accuracy





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