The Ergotron LiFeKinnex battery system takes the worry out of powering medical carts.

The three part system includes:

  1. A long life, rapid charge Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFe) battery.
    LiFe technology supports twice as many cycles as Lithium Ion batteries and up to six times as many as Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) technology. LiFe is a safe, reliable technology that eliminates the risk of overcharging or overheating.

  2. Easy hot swap connection
    A magnetic connection on the cart’s power module makes removing the old battery and positioning the new one simple, fast and accurate. The module’s built-in battery keeps the cart powered during the swap and an LED screen shows the remaining battery life.

  3. Rapid charging bay and mains charge option
    The desktop or wall mounted bay charges up to four batteries, to ensure there is always a hot-swap ready. The cart can also be plugged into the mains for rapid charging. Either way, there’s no need to ever be out of power.


Ergotron LiFeKinnex
Ergotron LiFeKinnex



Ergotron eKinnex™ free remote management and diagnostic software

Proactive fleet management for modern healthcare

Ergotron eKinnex software adds reliability by allowing the IT team to centrally manage their medical cart fleet to keep the carts ready when they’re needed most.

  • Secure web-based software monitors your customers' fleet in real time, helping reduce downtime
  • User-friendly portal provides key insights into drawer access, battery life and more
  • Proactively tracks cart health so your customers can streamline service and maintenance

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