Datalogic Gryphon GD4500 2D scanner offers the Datalogic technology that has made it a favourite across all industries that use scanning for data capture – retail, ticketing and mobile marketing, manufacturing, T&L and healthcare.  

Technology such as the Datalogic 4-dot aimer and centre cross to ensure an accurate read, Motionix sensors to detect hand-held or presentation mode, drop-resistant design and the much-loved green spot and 3GL for good read feedback.

Keen to continue to lead the field, Datalogic have gone several steps further with their latest model, adding:

  1. 1MP optics for:
    • Faster scanning
    • Wider-range scan distance field  
    • Greater tolerance for poor barcode quality
    • Reading fast moving codes
  2. New warm-white-illumination technology that eases eye strain 
  3. A lighter, more ergonomically shaped design for user comfort
  4. Read from glass – phones, tablets, portable computers -  with 1D and 2D scanning in a single device
  5. Postal, stacked, composite and condensed code reads
  6. Digital Watermark reads


The Datalogic Gryphon GD4500 2D is the perfect high performance cross-industry scanner, delivering your customers’ current and future scanning needs. It takes the best of Datalogic’s proven technology, adding new capability to produce a new favourite.


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