As digital technology transforms the edge of the enterprise, Zebra empowers the front line of business in retail/ecommerce, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, healthcare and other industries to achieve a performance edge – an edge that translates to delighted customers, good patient outcomes and superior business results.

The Zebra portfolio of intelligent edge solutions and devices is designed to deliver a performance edge wherever the front line may be. Devices that have the reliability, ruggedness and ease of use that front-line users demand.

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Zebra Rugged Tablets

Getting the job done. Anywhere and in any condition.



Your customers need to tackle everyday tasks from inventory, deliveries and point-of-sale to repairs and incident response accurately and efficiently. That's why Zebra's versatile rugged tablets are designed specifically for some of the toughest customer demands.

Below is just a small sample of Zebra's rugged tablet range that offer rock-solid security, durability and performance.


Zebra XSLATE L10 Tablet

Full Rugged Tablet Platform

Key Features:

  • Stronger than steel magnesium frame; lighter than aluminium
  • Rubber corner bumpers add shock durability
  • Twist proof, even after 6 foot drops
  • Gorilla ® Glass and auto sensing glove/wet touch technology function in rain, snow and cold
  • Maintains its IP65 rating even with the port doors open
  • Fully customisable with enterprise accessories that simplify everyday use



Zebra XPAD L10 Tablet

Durability & Scanning Power - In Hand

Key Features:

  • All the features of the XSlate, plus a hard handle
  • Perfectly balanced, ergonomic design for easy portability
  • Optional, in-handle barcode reader expedites data entry
  • Users can add an extended hot-swappable battery for over 24 hours of productivity



Zebra XSLATE R12 Tablet

2-in-1 Rugged Tablet with Companion Keyboard

Key Features:

  • Industry’s brightest 12.5" display to see more data on one screen
  • Customisable to meet any worker’s needs, even 2 in 1 use
  • Fast speeds, touch, pen, voice and camera inputs
  • Rugged to handle harsh environments
  • Stunningly high resolution
  • Multiple wireless connectivity options and customised mounting options



Featured Products


TC57 Mobile Computer

The ultimate in rugged enterprise-class all touch computing inside the four walls and outdoors

DS2278 Cordless Handheld Scanner

Best-in-class scanning functionality, easy to deploy, use and manage

ZQ320 Mobile Label and Receipt Printer

Class-leading battery power, versatility, durability and easy remote management



Latest Updates

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Zebra recently produced a series of videos where Dan Park, Tech Evangelist discusses the advantages of 2D barcode scanners, what they allow you to capture, how they can be applied and what technology is needed to utilise the full benefits.

The series goes on to give an overview of Zebra's 2D scanners and how your customers can deploy them in various industry such as retail, healthcare, warehousing and manufacturing. See the series here: ''.

Case Study: Mt Buller Ski Resort

Tech Evangelist Andrew Sill interviews Jon Cotterill, IT Manager at Mt Buller Ski Resort in Victoria, Australia to find out why Buller Ski Lifts is using Xplore tablets to enable the ticketing process of thousands of customers during each ski season.

See the video to find out about the challenges faced by Jon and how they were overcome with Zebra Xplore tablets here.

For more information about Zebra's latest tablet portfolio, consult this comprehensive guide.



Industries and applications

Zebra products add value in a range of industries and applications:



With Zebra solutions for Retail, you can maximise your customers' omnichannel capabilities, boost their efficiency, productivity and profitability.


Zebra healthcare technology solutions connect medical providers to patient records, caregivers to colleagues and patients to practitioners for better care and better outcomes.


Zebra gives your customers unprecedented visibility into every corner of their operation - to make smarter, more informed decisions, and ensure flawless fulfillment. 


Zebra's purpose-built solutions span every aspect of your customers' operation: plant floor, field operations and warehouse environments.




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