Adapting technology to humans for healthy productive workplaces

Humanscale are the leaders in ergonomically designed workplace equipment, making products that allow workstations to adapt to the user, not the other way around. Their team of qualified ergonomists design equipment that makes workplaces more effective and comfortable and which promotes the health, comfort and productivity of the workers who use it.

The ergonomics of healthcare

One of these working environments is hospitals - nurses have the highest workplace injury rate of any industry, including musculoskeletal injuries associated with spending many hours a day working with mobile technology carts, sometimes covering kilometres as they push them between departments.  Humanscale’s ergonomically designed carts eliminate these injuries;  they are rapidly and simply adjustable to the user’s height and whether they are working in a sitting or standing position and they have power track steering to remove the strain of manoeuvring them around corners.

Easily adjustable workstations in the office

In the office too, Humanscale products create a more comfortable place to work, with a full range of products designed to improve working postures and eliminate repetitive strain conditions such as carpel tunnel. Humanscale research shows that products with adjustment systems that are too complex (think office chairs with a myriad of levers) will not be used, so their products are designed on the principle that adjustments must be very simple or automated. Seating that adjusts with the user’s movement, keyboard systems with intuitive height adjustments, monitor stands that are easily aligned to the correct height – all contribute to a healthy working environment.  The benefits of standing during the working day are widely recognised and Humanscale’s sit/stand height adjustable workstations make moving from one position to another rapid and easy. So much so that their Quickstand product was voted the best office accessory of the decade in Interior Design Magazine’s 2015 Best of the Year Awards.