Productivity and cost savings with effective workflow solutions

Businesses in the warehousing and distribution, transport and logistics, healthcare, retail, field service all want to improve their productivity. They want to be able to move more goods, serve more customers, treat more patients, and track more inventory – without increasing headcount. They want to save money – on process, on power, on time, on maintenance.

That is why these organisations choose Honeywell, the leaders in sensing and productivity solutions.

Honeywell understands workflow – they get that for a retailer, shaving 15 seconds off the time it takes to move one pallet of goods translates to a massive productivity gain when multiplied out over the whole inventory for the whole year. They understand that using innovative technologies to power up battery-free devices in 30 seconds can have a dramatic impact on productivity and maintenance cost.

A focus on ROI

Honeywell’s workflow solutions are designed to help organisations run the smoothest and most efficient processes possible, making maximum use of their resources.  They help clients to identify areas for cost savings, and focus on offering real and rapid ROI.

The Honeywell portfolio incorporates products from the former Metrologic, Hand Held Products Inc, LXE, Intermec and Datamax-O’Neill brands, and includes:


A range of industrial, smartphone sized, handheld devices, designed for the toughest of environments. Honeywell handhelds can operate in cold stores, take the constant vibration of being mounted on a forklift of in a vehicle, and work in dust and dirt. 

Barcode scanners

Honeywell are the largest manufacturers of 2D barcode imagers globally and provide general duty, hands free, handheld barcode scanners, in-counter, industrial and wearable products.


A full range including desktop mobile and industrial printers. 

Honeywell’s outstanding products help clients build a total workflow and productivity solution.