The perfect receipt printer

Epson has long been the default choice and the acknowledged industry standard for POS receipt printing. Their success is based on:

An excellent product, regarded as ‘the perfect receipt printer’ for its long life, reliability and quality

Outstanding support – robust drivers, clear and helpful documentation and a team of experts who not only know the product inside out but understand in depth the way in which their customers use it in their business.

Receipts, mobile and label printing

Although best known for POS receipt printing, Epson also has a strong range of portable printers and label printers. Epson’s mobile and wearable printers are used widely in the retail, food and logistics industries, where they are indispensable for their fast printing, unmatched battery life and connectivity options for a range of iOS, Android and Windows printing applications.

Epson’s range of label printers is fast, connected and able to use a wide range of label media types.  It includes colour inkjet label printing, using Epson’s DURABrite Ultra pigment ink to produce long lasting, smudge / liquid resistant labels. Colour label printing is an increasingly popular application, especially in primary production industries such as wineries. 

Innovation and connectivity

Epson’s innovative approach has seen it develop a range of connectable printers. With NFC and QR code options, Epson printers can quickly and easily connect to a range of tablet and smartphone devices.

This is valued by customers who implement a BYOD policy, such as many hospitality venues. It also positions Epson for the growth in popularity of digital receipts. Rather than seeing digital receipts as a threat to its traditional printer business, Epson has positioned its products to ensure it is the technology provider of choice to generate digital receipts and continue its position as the POS and hospitality printer of choice.