EPSON has long been the default choice and the acknowledged industry standard for POS receipt printing. Their success is based on:

An excellent product, regarded as ‘the perfect receipt printer’ for its long life, reliability and quality.

Outstanding support – robust drivers, clear and helpful documentation and a team of experts who not only know the product inside out but understand in depth the way in which their customers use it in their business.

Alongside the POS receipt printing range, the EPSON Colorworks printers are ideal for on-demand colour printing, instead of maintaining an expensive inventory of pre-printed labels, you can print the labels you need, when you need them. Already, Epson's ColorWorks Desktop Label Solutions are delivering proven results for a wide range of labelling applications from packaging and manufacturing to logistics, retail, ticketing and more.


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EPSON POS Solutions


EPSON - leading the way in innovative POS printing technology. EPSON is committed to delivering innovative, cost-effective products that make your customers' business run more efficiently. EPSON’s advanced POS solutions have become mission-critical for bringing advanced technology and robust, value-added functionality to POS systems. See below for our recommend POS solutions for your customers at every level.


Featured POS Products

TM-T82III Thermal Direct Receipt Printer

The EPSON TM-T82III (USB + Ethernet) is a fully featured thermal printer which delivers fast receipt printing speed of up to 250mm/s and is backed by the industry's best-in-class reliability in high volume environments.

TM-T88VI Thermal Direct Receipt Printer

The TM-T88VI is EPSON's new state-of-the-art receipt printer, designed to work with both traditional PC-based POS systems and increasingly popular web and tablet solutions.

TM-M30 Thermal Direct Receipt Printer

For retail businesses looking to move to a tablet POS system that is affordable and easy to install, the TM-M30 POS printer is the ideal choice. Thanks to ePOS-Print SDK, the TM-M30 easily communicates with web-based applications, ensuring receipts can be printed quickly and efficiently from any mobile device.


Case Study

Qantas Freight: An Indelible Mark On Freight Management


Challenge: Widely regarded as one of the world’s leading airlines, Qantas excels in air freight just as much as it does in passenger flight operations. In the initial rollout of Qantas's new Express Check kiosks, laser printers were used to generate an A4 delivery note that the driver collected after confirming their collection list on the Express Check kiosk. Unfortunately due to inherent technologies, the laser printers proved to be a bottleneck.

According to Manager eBusiness and Technology at Qantas Freight, Victor Savateev, "While the use of laser printers was theoretically sound, issues such as printer warm-up times, paper jams and toner replacements soon turned theory into practical problems."

Solution: With the solution providers working extensively to identify the most appropriate printer to meet the Qantas Freight challenge, they eventually called on EPSON Australia to propose a workable solution – the EPSON TM-T88V-i with its embedded ePOS-Print programming interface.

A comprehensive selection panel with representatives from across Qantas Freight and the project delivery team met with EPSON to discuss options. The team recognised that developing the mobile solution without the need for device drivers and any printer server hardware was a major step forward in streamlining the development process by eliminating much of the printer programming overheads. Read more about this story here.



EPSON ColorWorks Solutions


On-demand ColorWorks Labelling Solutions from EPSON. EPSON’s ColorWorks solutions increase productivity, eliminate label waste and significantly reduce the cost of label production using EPSON's on-demand, desktop colour label printers. They feature compact footprints, industry-leading reliability, EPSON's renowned inkjet technologies, colourfastness, waterproof inks and support a wide variety of media types and sizes.


Featured ColorWorks Products

TM-C3500 Inkjet Colour Printer

Your customers will dramatically reduce label costs, increase operational efficiencies and quickly produce high-quality colour labels with EPSON’s TM-C3500 label printer!

CW-C6000 Series Inkjet Printers

This on-demand, digital, four-colour label printer opens up new opportunities for businesses with lots of SKUs to manage and not much time. The ColorWorks CW-C6000 extends EPSON’s range in order to meet the needs of small to medium batch customers across many sectors.

Epson TM-C7500

TM-C7500 Commercial Inkjet Printer

The ColorWorks TM-C7500 redefines endurance and reliability for high-speed colour label printing. Manufacturers can now reliably and cost-effectively meet their in-house labelling needs with outstanding speed and quality.




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