Global leader in touch screens

Touch screens have become the standard interface to many systems, offering significantly better productivity and ease of use than a keyboard and mouse.

ELO is the world leader in the development and production of touch screens, recognised as the industry standard followed by many other manufacturers. Consistently innovative, they invented Surface Acoustic Wave, one of the five main forms of touch technology.   

Industries and applications

ELO products are used with point of sale systems, as controllers for industrial machinery and for kiosks.  Their large format (up to 70in) touch screens and digital signage are used in boardrooms, museums, interpretive displays and for team-based scheduling and planning. 

They specialise in ensuring a long life for each product, particularly focussing on consistency of specification and mounting – this is of particular value to clients who build kiosks. A kiosk is designed for a specific screen mount and changes mean literally going back to the drawing board. ELO ensures that changes to products, for example ratios or brightness, do not affect its mounting profile.

Touch technologies for a wide range of requirements

ELO offers all the main forms of touch technology, to give the widest choice depending on their customers’ application.

Resistive touch – the most resistant to spills, and able to detect a gloved finger, is widely used in hospitality and food prep businesses

Surface capacitive – used in POS applications that use single touch, such as pressing a button, rather than gesturing or swiping.

Projected capacitive (PCAP) – where multi-touch and gesturing are needed, ideal for customer service, such as information kiosks in an airport lounge, hotel guest login and with increasingly used with POS

Surface acoustic wave – dust resistant and used in industrial applications, such as controlling a wood-cutting machines

Infrared – ideal for large screen applications, and/or for use outdoors.