Taking Service to Customers - Anywhere, Any Time

Retail and field service staff don’t work at a desk. They are with customers, in a store or out and about. In order to deliver top-class and efficient customer service, they rely heavily on their mobile touch computers.

When you choose the Zebra TC52x/TC57x, you get Zebra's best-selling TC52/TC57 rugged handheld mobile computer — and more. More advanced Zebra-only features that put the user experience in a class of its own to boost ease-of-use and productivity to new heights.


The TC52x and TC57x Series touch computers have it all — from the familiarity of Android to the large five-inch full HD display that is easy to read in direct sunlight to the first-time every-time capture of barcodes, labels, documents, more WiFi range and speed with less power and more.

To top it all off, the T57x offers complete 4G cellular network flexibility and provides workers anywhere in the world with dependable cellular service.

Key Features:

  • Android 10 - the best Android version yet
  • Advanced 1D and 2D scan engine with larger sweet spot for rapid scanning
  • Full HD 5in Gorilla Glass screen - scratch resistant, shatterproof, works with gloved finger or stylus even when wet
  • Sound Amplifier improves audio quality over headphones – reduced background noise and individual ear adjustments
  • Battery life up to 14 hours on a single charge
  • Support for locationing apps
  • High performance Wi-Fi, using MU-MIMO technology
  • Upgraded processor and memory - handles ‘thick’ applications for maximum functionality
  • Zebra Mobility DNA suite for added productivity and device control





To learn more about the TC52x/TC57x Mobile Computers, contact us on

sales@sektor.com.au   |  1300 273 586