Meet the Team

Rhys Warren - Managing Director - APAC
Rhys has enjoyed bringing together the industry’s best team to represent the most innovative vendors with a single focus; to provide unprecedented customer service and expertise to our partners. Sektor’s “…Lean On Us” philosophy extends to all facets of our endeavours to support our partners better. We will continue to seek out new technologies and attractive adjacent markets to fuel partner growth.  Contact Now
Cameron Arnold - General Manager Australia
“I love meeting our customers,” says Cameron. “In my role, it would be very easy to spend all my time looking inward at the business,” he explains, “so I ensure I spend as much time with clients as possible, and I really enjoy those relationships. Good supplier engagement is important too,” he adds, “and I value spending time with vendors.” Cameron originally studied be a journalist, but his time at university made him realise that it really didn’t excite him. What he did love was sales, and sales management; “I’m very competitive,” says Cameron, “I love the thrill of winning.” He’s built a team at Sektor that share those traits; “The guys here constantly amaze me with their dedication and their commitment to the business being successful.” A client introduced Cameron to marathon running; “He was talking about training for his first marathon,” Cameron explained. “Initially I thought ‘why would anyone do it?’, but then I figured I should give it a go. 18 months later I ran my first marathon – and I was hooked!" Since then, Cameron has run at least one marathon (or ultra-marathon) a year for the last 12 years, with his favourite being the dry desert hills of Las Vegas – and he still believes he has another PB in him. Cameron sees a parallel between his approach to running and to business; “You have to have a long term focus,” he says. “If I want to do something, it is hard to stop me doing it – I am doggedly determined. I build a schedule and stick to it – even though that means running at 5am most days.” It pays off, “It not only compensates for over-indulgence in eating and drinking,” he says, “but it is a great outlet for stress – after my run, I start the day with a clear mind, ready for the challenges ahead.” Contact Now
Iain Walmsley - A/NZ Vendor & Sales Operations Manager
Iain has been with the Sektor team since the early days. Having successfully managed Sektor’s Mobility brands for Australia and New Zealand since 2009, Iain is now responsible for ensuring Sektor’s entire team delivers the best possible value to our Resellers, by leveraging vendor relationships and ensuring best practise product management across the full range of Sektor products. He is also responsible for ensuring the Sektor team have the necessary tools to constantly exceed reseller expectations in value, service and efficiency. Iain is still actively involved in mobility based projects, with an in-depth understanding of enterprise mobility, the vendor landscape and end-user business requirements. He often assists resellers in providing expert advice to deliver the best possible outcome for their customers.  Contact Now
Austin Zaw - Sydney - Business Development Manager
Those who meet Austin now wouldn’t believe he was a shy kid who certainly didn’t see himself in sales. But after completing a diploma in IT and networking, he started work in IT support and found that his key skills of focusing on helping others, giving honest opinions and technical expertise were very highly valued by clients, and that he was a natural at developing rapport with them. A move into distribution further increased his skills and confidence. “I like helping people out,” explains Austin, “and clients appreciate it and come back time and time again. The more I get to know my clients, and make recommendations, the more repeat business I win.” So much so that many of his clients have followed Austin through his career. “Now that I am with Sektor, they really appreciate the breadth of solutions I can offer them,” he says. “And I love the range of requirements that they have, the range of different challenges that I face. I enjoy my role more with every bit of experience I gain.” Austin’s love of winning colours his life outside the office too – he played competitive tennis, and is a keen spectator of many sports, with his real passion being Formula One racing. “Being competitive is in my nature,” he says, “whether it’s at work or sport, I just love the thrill of the win.” Contact Now
Craig Alderson - Sydney - Business Development Manager
“I believe that your most valuable asset is your personality, along with the relationships that you build from working in a team” – it’s an approach that has seen Craig build deep and valued relationships with clients and partners throughout his career. It is backed up by the desire to be constantly learning – “if I’m doing something, I’m doing it because I’m interested, and that makes me want to learn more.” The result is that Craig’s in-depth industry and technical knowledge is second-to-none and is respected and valued by partners and colleagues alike. In his current role, Craig believes that he brings together everything he has learned in a career that saw him as a scientific instrument maker, photocopier engineer and training manager before “falling into POS” when he responded to an ad he saw on the piece of newspaper that was catching crumbs under his young daughter’s high chair! Craig has always enjoyed understanding how things work, and relaxes by restoring vintage cars for racing. “I like the methodical and organised approach, and enjoy the solitude as a contrast to the buzz of the office,” Craig explained. His other passion is cricket – “I have moved from playing to coaching – I just love everything about the game.” Contact Now
Felicia Matteo - Sydney - Product Manager HP & Datalogic
“I love the chance to broaden my horizons,” says Felicia, “and I get that at Sektor.” Felicia previously held sales operations roles in Telco/IT companies, so a move to distribution account management gave her the chance to expand her skills. “I enjoy interacting with customers,” she explains, “Whether it is operations support or account management, it’s all about supporting the customer.” Felicia loves the team environment at Sektor “There’s a lot of energy,” she says. Felicia thrives in a high energy environment, she loves physical challenges, including running and sessions at the gym. “It stimulates the mind,” she says, “I feel a lot more switched on when I have exercised in the morning. It energises you.” Broadening her horizons doesn’t only apply to work – Felicia loves to travel, and went out around the world trip straight after her studies, visiting America, working her way to London and Europe and finishing up in South East Asia. “My favourite place has to be Spain,” Felicia says, “I’d love to go again, and this time I’d learn Spanish. That’s on my bucket list.” Contact Now
George Piesnik - Sydney - Business Development Manager
“Great customer service is everything,” says George – and in his case, it led to a new career in distribution, when he impressed a customer he served in his part-time role in retail. “She asked me to interview for a position she had in barcode scanner sales,” George explains. “I had always wanted to move into sales, and it was a fantastic opportunity.” He didn’t look back and still loves the industry; “I love helping to bring a new technology to the market, recruiting new partners, and taking a product or even a brand, from nothing to millions of dollars,” enthuses George. “Sektor is such a dynamic environment,” he says, “everyone is so knowledgeable in their own niche, and everyone is an expert in something.” George believes that discipline and hard work, as well as that commitment to service always pay off – a lesson he learned from competitive bodybuilding. “Bodybuilding is a long hard road,” he says – “the training, the eating regime – but if you put your mind to it and follow through, success will come.” He has also improved his sales performance since starting bodybuilding, which he puts down to the good time management skills he had to learn. “If you put the same science into your work and your lifestyle,” he says, “you will achieve your goals.” Contact Now
Grant Cleland - Sydney - National Sales Manager
“Anything bar winning just isn’t acceptable” – that was Grant’s attitude to his international swimming career, and it is a philosophy that he has brought to his role in Sektor. A world champion in the gruelling 5k open water event, Grant needed hard work, dedication and in his words ‘sheer pig-headedness’. “I wasn’t the most talented competitor, but I was the most determined,” Grant says. He also learnt the value of a team: “I needed to have a great team around me – support crew, parents, coaches, team mates – to get results.” Now as National Sales Manager for Sektor Australia, he channels that determination into helping drive business wins for Sektor and its partners, and uses his understanding of team dynamics to motivate the BDMs and Product Managers to be the very best they can be. Outside of work (with the little free time he has as a father to five children), Grant is passionate about sport – with top favourites being watching his beloved Wests Tigers; seeing Australia win at cricket and any form of sledging!  Contact Now
Luke Verrell - Sydney - Account Manager
“I’ve always been a people person,” says Luke, “I love the relationships I have built with my clients, many of whom have become friends.” Luke came to distribution through the roundabout route of the building trade and car dealership. “I was working as a chippie, but an accident put paid to that, so I became the assistant manager for a car dealership,” he says. “Moving from there into technology distribution was tough, but I quickly learned that there was help available – as long as I was willing to put my hand up and ask for it.” Luke also realised that his core skill – of being able to build relationships based on trust – was carried with him across his three diverse roles. “I love the thrill of sales,” says Luke, “but even more I love the fact that we’re not in it for the one-off sale, we’re building rapport, and building ongoing business.” Luke tells his clients, “I work for Sektor and I work for you – without either, I don’t have a job.” Luke explains, “Sektor’s a very tight knit community, we work as a team, and our clients love that. They know they are getting the expertise they need, rather than only interacting with a single guy.” Luke is a firm believer in time management “if you want to do it, you get up early and make time” is his mantra. It’s what ensures that as well as his work, he also gets to pursue his love of surfing, spear fishing, jet skiing, motorbikes and golf. “My weekend adventures make great talking points for clients back at work on a Monday morning!”  Contact Now
Matthew Sherwood - Sydney - State Manager - NSW
“This team is second to none,” says Matt, “our people have such a wealth of experience and knowledge, which is why partners keep returning to us. Sektor is a really enjoyable work environment. I love the way we bounce ideas off each other to come up with the best solution. There is so much energy here.” Matt loves technology, and is fascinated to see how it has evolved. “When I started in POS nearly 20 years ago, nobody could have imagined that a retailer would one day be completing a transaction on a hand-held device. I’m excited by new technology and seeing how it will help our clients.” Matt started his career with a vendor, but moved to distribution for the sheer breadth of solutions that it offers. “I have discussions with clients that range from barcode scanners to digital signage to POS. I might even uncover a security requirement and call in the specialists from that part of the team.” Outside work, Matt enjoys soccer – as a player, a coach and a passionate Liverpool supporter. He also loves to switch off by camping and fishing; “I love my work,” he says, “but I also know the value of taking the time to spend with my family and recharge the batteries. It means that when I get back to the office, I can contribute my share to that fantastic energy.” Contact Now
Michael Moutsos - Sydney - Business Development Manager
Michael is a sales hunter – “I love the excitement of cold calling, meeting and understanding new partners, establishing new relationships, and winning and building business.” He’s constantly looking ahead, to the challenge of the next step, and future growth. It’s an approach his partners love, as they know he is committed to understanding their business and working with them to build the best solutions and help they succeed. “I love developing the channel, especially starting in a new vertical market like healthcare. That is a real thrill.” Michael’s technical background as an electrical and radio fitter, a service technician and on-site surveys and network design, is invaluable; “I use those skills to help my partners design the best solutions for their clients,” he says. The vendor management side of his role combines his deep understanding of his partners’ markets and his love of technology – “I use my understanding of the market to evaluate the vendor’s portfolio and select the products that I know will give our partners the edge,” he says, “then I develop a marketing strategy to ensure they can win.” Contact Now
Tom Kinkade - Sydney - National Accounts BDM - Security
Tom’s extensive experience and knowledge of security was just what Sektor were looking for to strengthen their foothold in that market, and he was excited to join a team that he believes will have a huge impact. “I was really impressed with Sektor’s vision for security – I bought into the story and I want to be a part of it,” says Tom. “I love Sektor’s appetite for growth, and the willingness to adapt and to identify the right people to drive that growth. I am enjoying working with a great bunch of very intelligent, high performance people. Everyone is driven – we throw an idea around, and get outside the box thinking and ideas.” Tom finds it exciting and inspiring to be involved with a part of the business that is “only just born – I am looking forward to seeing it mature,” he says. Tom’s not averse to new experiences outside of work either – he loves trekking (including trips through Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina and Costa Rica), abseiling and mountain biking, and on one memorable trip tackled the ‘world’s most dangerous road’ (known locally as the ‘Camino de la Muerte – the Death Road) in the Bolivian Andes. Starting at 15,000 feet, the 60km ride descended 12,000 feet to Amazonian rainforest. “It was mainly downhill, so even the slightest uphill felt very tough,” he says, “but it was an awesome experience.”  Contact Now
Bryce Smith - Melbourne - State Manager - VIC
“Attention to detail, identifying a problem and building a solution – that is what I enjoy,” says Bryce, “and partners really value that from a distributor. We build a solution from multiple pieces rather than supplying a ‘black box’, so our partners need to be confident that it is all going to work together.” Bryce also enjoys the ‘here to win’ mentality at Sektor. “There’s no place to hide,” he says, “partners and vendors both have high expectations of us.” He loves the pace of change, the opportunity to learn, and having so many experts around him. “I ask questions, pick people’s brains, and put the puzzle pieces together.” Outside of work, Bryce challenges himself at the gym and on his road bike, cycling up to 80kms per session – “Being on the bike is a great place to clear your head,” he says, “ready for the next challenge.” Contact Now
Marcus Marazzi - Melbourne - Business Development Manager
Marcus loves technology – whether it’s IT solutions to help his clients; the sound system to play music at top volume; home multimedia or the highly tuned engine of his Nissan 350Z. “I love the fact that in my role at Sektor, I get to work with technology every day”, says Marcus. “Every day is different – new conversations, new people, new challenges.” One of the challenges that Marcus sees is the way that consumer products are competing with traditional products, and he works closely with clients to share his insights into the best way forward. Marcus is an adrenalin junkie – whether it’s the speed of his car, beating his mates at go-karting, getting fitter and stronger through weight training, competing in mixed martial arts or playing basketball. “I get a real thrill from the adrenalin of competition – both inside and outside of work.” Contact Now
Peter Nelson - Melbourne - Business Development Manager
Pete has a passion for customer service – “Our partners need fast turnaround when they have questions and issues, and I love being able to find a speedy resolution,” he says. “I learn from it too, and that is what I love about my role at Sektor – it’s a fast moving environment, with a new challenge and opportunity to learn every day.” Originally from Darwin (his tradie parents moved there to help the re-build after Cyclone Tracy), Pete moved to Melbourne, where his love of a challenge drove a successful sporting career – he played premiership AFL for Mordialloc, represented Victoria in Athletics (400m and 800m) and now coaches Junior Football and Little Athletics. At work it was the challenge of moving into a technology company from a non-technical background. “It was a big learning curve,” says Pete, “but I loved it and so was motivated enough to teach myself – with a lot of support from my team mates at Sektor!”  Contact Now
Katie Poulson - Brisbane - Business Development Manager
“I love the relationships I have with my partners,” says Katie, “I really enjoy getting to know their business and putting together solutions to their issues.” Trust is the key, she explains, “They won’t tell you anything if they don’t trust you.” Katie builds that trust by “delivering on what I say I am going to do”. Katie is excited by change and new environments, which prompted her move from New Zealand to Australia. “After 10 years in the NZ market, I knew the partner community there really well,” she explains, “so the move to Australia and having to start again from scratch was invigorating.” She finds the dynamism and energy of Sektor makes for a great workplace – “Everyone here is moving in the same direction,” she says, “everyone is on board." She really appreciates the fact that Sektor is a family oriented business and that the leadership team “recognises the support and sacrifices of our families”. When she’s not working, with her family is where you’ll find Katie – bike riding, swimming, singing and dancing. She says, “Time out of the office is all about focusing on the other really important relationships in my life – with my friends and family.” Contact Now
Scott Pirret - Brisbane - State Manager - QLD
“I’d rather be retired!” jokes Scott; “but since I have to work, there’s no place I’d rather be than Sektor.” “I really value the fact that the senior management team trusts me to make sound business decisions and gives me autonomy in managing our Queensland branch.” It’s a trust built on Scott’s extensive distribution experience, including running his own successful data capture distribution company. “Distribution is all about relationships,” says Scott. “I have been working with some of our clients for over 20 years and I love the strong partnerships we’ve built.” Those partnerships are strengthened by the technical know-how that Scott brings to his clients. “I love understanding how things work, and keeping them in good order. I really enjoy seeing the marriage of software and hardware.” Keeping things in good working order is part of Scott’s other great passion – motorbikes. “I have spent my whole life with bikes,” says Scott. “My father raced motorbikes, and I love touring bikes.” This passion has seen Scott take road trips across the length and breadth of Australia and is firing his next big ambition. “My next tour will be in Europe – I can’t wait to take the bike round around Italy and France.” Contact Now
Gavin Blakelock - Adelaide - State Manager - SA
“Experience and trust” are what Gavin values most about working at Sektor. “Everyone from the warehouse staff to admin, service to sales, is focused on the same goal. My peers have such strong experience, and I can trust them 100% when I need their support to get the job done.” Gavin adds, “It’s all about the shared goal of servicing our customers – once you get that right, everything else just follows.” Gavin has spent his whole working life in distribution, including six years in Phoenix, Arizona. “I loved Phoenix,” he says, “I love the heat, and enjoyed the people, and the social and work ethics of the US. They work hard and party hard!” Outside of work and partying, Gavin found time to volunteer for the Phoenix Fire Department as a crisis counsellor, helping victims with on-scene intervention. “It’s hard to express what you are able to do for someone by being there in that situation, but you are often a turning point in someone else’s life,” Gavin explains. “You can’t measure your effectiveness in traditional ways, but I treasure the cards and letters from people I have helped.” Contact Now
Karl Brown - Perth - State Manager - WA
“The great thing about the Perth office,” says Karl, “is that we do everything – sales, admin, support and warehouse. We have a really strong team ethic, and you’ve got to be an all-rounder; if the warehouse manager is away, the sales manager will drive the forklift,” he laughs. It’s not just his Sektor teammates he enjoys working with; “We have great relationships with our resellers too – they become mates. Sales targets look after themselves if you get the relationships right.” Karl came into distribution after starting his career in the mining industry, having completed a degree in mining engineering. He used his engineering skills to move into the service support side of distribution. “I have a good grasp of how everything works,” he said, “which comes across when I am talking to clients, and which is invaluable now I have moved into sales.” Between his two careers, Karl studied for a degree in Environmental Science and Biology, and backpacked for a year, spending 6 months in India, where he learned the skills and the value of meditation. “I still meditate every day,” he says, “it keeps me sane, and keeps everything in perspective.” He loves life on the West Coast. “Perth’s all about the ocean,” he says, “I love nothing better than pulling up my cray pots at 5am, or going diving. You need complete awareness for diving – it’s so beautiful, but there is danger too, which gives it a thrill, an edge.” Contact Now
Sarah Grigg - Adelaide - Product Manager - Humanscale
“I had never worked in distribution prior to Sektor but I loved the diversity of what the company was becoming,” Sarah says of her decision to join the team, “plus the people at Sektor are pretty great!” Sarah works with Humanscale’s ergonomic commercial furniture and healthcare range. “I appreciate the story behind Humanscale,” she says, “being able to learn more about the products as well as assist my colleagues in sharing the story is very satisfying.” “I also love that I am able to interact with our customers.” Exploring new cities and spending time with friends and family is how Sarah likes to spend her time away from the business, plus a passion for country music means you’ll often find her doing this whilst wearing cowgirl boots, Yee-haw!  Contact Now
Sam Chrysotomou - Sydney - Product Manager ELO
“Sektor are the best at what they do,” says Sam. “I’ve spent my entire career in POS, in distribution and with vendors,” he explains, “Sektor is very focussed on the POS market and they valued the specialist skills that I could offer.” Sam credits his longevity in the industry to the client relationships he’s built and maintained over the years, through integrity and trust. “I love the fact that they trust me to help them find the best solutions.” Sam praises his family as his driving force, “my wife and I have raised two beautiful, intelligent, kind daughters.” He’s a keen fisherman outside of work, enjoys going to the movies and, most of all, holidaying with the family. If you thought his last name was a mouthful, Sam reveals, “my Greek name is Sotiris – Sam is just easier for Aussies to pronounce!”   Contact Now
Montanna Douglas - Melbourne - Seal Shield Product Specialist
“I knew I wanted to work for this company,” Montanna says, “it felt like a very supportive and customer relationship driven company where the focus was on the belief in the products.” Seal Shield is a product that Montanna truly believes in and says; “it fits with my goal to help better others’ health through the prevention of infections within the healthcare sector.” Montanna not only helps others through her job; in 2017, she swam nine hours in the 24 hour MS swim and helped her team raise over $10,000 for the cause. A sense of community is important to Montanna so in her downtime she loves to socialise with friends and is trying to get a mixed netball team together-let her know if you’re interested! Contact Now
Mert Aytugrul - Sydney - Product Manager - Ergonomic Solutions
“I could not pass up on working with experienced individuals,” says Mert of joining the Sektor team. Before Sektor, Mert was studying a degree in business and commerce at Western Sydney University. He says, “knowing that Sektor was one of the biggest distributors in Sydney,” was also a major attraction. “My job is to maintain stock levels, answer customer queries, and maintain or find new partners.” “This role is never repetitive,” says Mert, and appreciates that he is not always stuck behind a desk, “it involves meeting new people outside of Sektor and making new business connections.” Outside of work Mert likes to, “hang out with my friends and family who always help me stay in a positive mindset.” He is also a self-confessed soccer fanatic. He lives and breathes all aspects of soccer, whether it’s watching, playing, or reading about it. Contact Now
Melissa Pearce - Sydney - Sales Admin Team Leader/Zebra Print Product Manager
“I stumbled across this industry by accident,” explains Melissa. “I had just stopped working as a beauty therapist, and thought I would try for a Receptionist role until I figured out what I would like to do next.” Ten years later Melissa has enjoyed several different roles within Sektor, always around the Zebra product portfolio. “Everyday is different and I always have something new to learn or challenge me.” Melissa loves working with the “energetic, fun and extremely knowledgeable team” at Sektor, “it’s great knowing that if I don’t know the answer to something I can turn to one of my colleagues to find out.” Melissa lives for the outdoors, “I am quite an outdoorsy person,” she says. “In the summer you can normally find me at the beach, and in winter I am usually out walking or running in the local park, always with my dog.” Contact Now
Jade Griffiths - Melbourne - Product Manager - Honeywell
Jade has always worked within the customer service industry and when she joined the Sektor team was ready and willing to take on the challenge in a different landscape. “I was interested in a role where we have long term customers who see the value in our expertise and ability to help them with their business,” explains Jade, “I had the impression this was a really dynamic company and great group of people and I was right.” Jade finds and takes a lot of pride in her work, “I’ve been lucky enough to have some pretty fantastic customer feedback,” which is no surprise since she cites her most important working value as, understanding customer needs and following through. Sitting idle is not something Jade knows about, she’s learning German, has travelled Australia in a hatchback, likes to hike, and is forever pushing herself to try new things. Contact Now
Jacintha Kurniawan - Sydney - Business Development Manager - Humanscale
Jacintha is a recent university graduate of the University of New South Wales, where she studied marketing and psychology. Jacintha was attracted to Sektor by the “collaborative and active” work culture. She says getting to work with, “the most amazing and lovely people, makes for a fantastic work environment.” Jacintha has gained a diverse range of skills through her multifaceted role and says “empowerment and discipline” are essential to her productivity. In 2017, whilst at university, Jacintha orchestrated the biggest Indonesian night market event, to-date, with over 5000 attendees, “we had food stalls, games and performances, which raised over 30% more sales than the target goal.” In her downtime Jacintha plays the guitar and piano, occasionally sings and is excellent at imitating accents, which she says, “is a good party trick, haha!” Contact Now
Edyta Esplin - Sydney - Marketing Manager - Sektor AU
“The role was perfect for me as it was an excellent match for my skills and experience,” says Edyta. She relishes the creativity her role allows, “coming up with new ideas for the marketing campaigns, developing them from scratch and looking for new avenues to deliver those messages to our customers.” Edyta enjoys travelling and sees her proudest achievement as moving across the world, from Poland, and managing to create an amazing life in Australia for her and her family. Outside of work, Edyta likes to spend time with her husband and catch up with friends. She also loves cooking Bolognese for her two young daughters and their friends, who say it’s the, “best in the whole wide world.” Contact Now