The Zebra VC80x is the first Android vehicle mounted mobile computer.  Your clients in the logistics industry use forklift mounted mobile computers for efficiency and safety in warehouses, distribution centres, ports and airports. Until now they have only had one operating system option for forklift mounted mobile computers – Windows.

With many organisations moving their mobile computer and PDAs to Android, this gap in the market gave them a dilemma; did they run two platforms and two sets of applications, one for vehicle mounted and one for handhelds and PDAs, or did they delay their move to Android and keep everything on Windows?

Now that dilemma is resolved – the Zebra VC80x completes the Android mobile computing puzzle, so your clients can now run their entire fleet of mobile computers, PDAs and vehicle mounted devices all on an Android platform.

The Zebra VC80x – all the benefits of vehicle mounted mobile. All the benefits of Android. All in a single device.

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