Humanscale MedLink 

MedLink, the next generation in smart point-of-care solutions, secures medication delivery while enhancing patient safety. MedLink is expertly designed to reduce human error and supports a closed-loop medication system.

Innovative Software and Interoperability

MedLink integrates into existing IT infrastructure and workflows and can be customised to increase patient safety and security. User rights and privileges are centrally managed by Microsoft Active Directory, while patient data is streamed to MedLink via HL7 Integration. Advanced options include individual drawer control, ward PIN controls, a drawer auto-close feature and electronic labeling capability.

Configurable Support

MedLink’s modular system offers an upgradeable path to the future. M1 is the standard configuration that can support 16 small drawers, 8 medium drawers, 4 large drawers, or an infinite number of drawer combinations. M2, the high-capacity configuration, can support 32 small drawers, 16 medium drawers, 8 large drawers, or a combination of sizes customised to your organizational needs.


Increased Accountability

This revolutionary medication administration solution provides more efficiency, security and patient safety. Expertly engineered to offer a level of accountability that is unmatched by any other product on the market, MedLink’s unique features are aimed at reducing instances of lost and missing medications as well as preventable medical errors that are reported by the thousands each year.