Accuracy, productivity and customer experience – with digital scanning

The Zebra DS2278 is the next generation digital scanner from retail leader Zebra. With 2D imaging technology, and a range of configurations, the DS2278 is a true all-rounder for today’s retailers.

2D imaging technology is a must for retailers – not only are 2D barcodes becoming more and more widely used, but traditional 1D laser scanning technology cannot accurately read the contrasts between black and white, due to the reflections from the surface of the screen.

The Zebra DS2278 2D digital scanner captures the barcode image as a photo, which it uses to decode the barcode information for 100% accuracy from any surface. It also means that the DS2278 can read multiple barcodes from a single label in one pass – speeding up retail logistics and supply chains processes.





The Zebra DS2278 offers your retail customers:

•    Fast, accurate scans from screen or label
•    Scan loyalty points, coupons and membership cards from the shopper’s phone
•    Reads 1D and 2D barcodes
•    Reads multiple barcodes on a single label
•    Cordless
•    Presentation or handheld
•    Zebra performance, features and value

2D imaging technology has the power to improve productivity and enhance the customer shopping experience. So talk to the retail experts at Sektor, and introduce your retail customers to the Zebra DS2278 today.