Engage Go


Helping Enable Transactions Wherever They Go

The HP Engage Go is the ideal POS for the post-covid hospitality business. A hospitality business based on table service - and one that needs mobile POS.

It’s a lightweight, easy to carry mobile POS device that can be instantly docked onto a stand to become a fixed POS.

It’s a new world for your hospitality customers. A world that needs a new approach to POS. Talk to the experts from Sektor about how HP Engage Go delivers can help your customers deliver outstanding service in the new normal.



Key Features 

An unused mobile device is a dead asset. An asset that has to be secured, stored and charged. Not the HP Engage Go - it simply docks onto a stand, secured with an electromagnetic lock, and becomes a fixed POS with power and all the peripherals needed on a conventional POS.

Contactless loyalty - with an integrated barcode scanner, the HP Engage Go supports QR code loyalty, as handing over a physical card quickly becomes a thing of the past.


Wiping down devices with cleaning chemicals is part of the new normal. The average POS and mobile device simply can’t cope with the harsh abrasives. The HP Engage Go has been designed to withstand up to 10,000 wipe downs with germicide.

Contact tracing - the HP Engage Go can be used to capture customer details as well as their orders.

Windows based tablet - no need for expensive and time consuming app development, the HP Engage Go can run all your standard Windows applications natively including your customer's full POS

Wall mount accessory available for waiter station use





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